The Scentroid Static Hood sampler provides an easy to use and contaminate-free solution for taking air samples from bio-filter beds and other surfaces that have a positive air flow. The all stainless steel construction ensures easy decontamination. The stack disassembles for ease of transportation.

Teflon Coated Stainless Steel

The Scentroid Static Hood Sampler is made of marine grade 316L stainless steel with a coat of PTFE for maximum contamination resistance.

Meets all standards

The SH50 has been designed to meet all European, American, and Canadian sampling standards. Extensive CFD analysis ensures minimal back-pressure and sufficient turbulence before sampling.

Ultra-Portable Model

The SH25 provides light weight and ultra-portable sampling solution for use with field instruments. The removable stack allows for easy transportation on both SH25 and SH50 models.

Static Hood Features

Static Hood Applications

  • All Stainless Steel Construction
  • PTFE coated interior
  • Minimum back-pressure
  • Removable stack
  • EPA and portable models

Static Hood Basics of Operation

EPA model sh50

The scentroid static hood sampler is designed to the EPA guidelines with an enclosed area of 0.5 square meters. The solid stainless steel construction makes for rapid and easy cleaning. The surface can be cleaned to ensure no cross contamination affects the samples. To acquire a sample simply:

1. Place the static hood on the surface and firmly press down.
2. Wait for the sample to fill the hood three times.
3. Acquire the sample at half the rate of emission.

Static Hood Capabilities

Portable Model

The 0.25 square meter model provides a smaller and more portable version to be used with the SM100 for assessing the efficiency and health of a bio-filter. The SM100 can be connected directly to the sample port of the Scentroid static hood for direct measurement. ODMAP software can be used to plot and assess the health and efficiency of the bio-filter.



How many points do you measure on a typical bio-filter bed?

The number of points checked by static hood and olfactometery is directly proportional to the size of the bio-filter bed. For example a distance of 1.5-2 meters between grid points can be used to get an accurate reading of the efficiency of the bio-filter.

Can I use the static hood for sampling from an aerated lagoon?

While a lagoon is an active source it is best to sample the lagoon with a flux chamber. The SF450 has two special relief vent ports that should be opened to ensure minimal pressure built up.  Sample can then be pulled using a vacuum chamber.

How do I draw a sample from the static hood?

You can perform direct measurement with SM100 or other field instruments, or draw air using a vacuum chamber into a PTFE bag for laboratory analysis. Sampling rate should be kept about half as much as the air flow in the stack of the static hood.

How do I decontaminate the static hood after field sampling?

The SH50 and SH25 are made of 316L stainless with PTFE coating and therefore resist contamination very well. Usually clean water is all you need, but most unscented cleaning solutions can be used.


With the SH25 and the SM100 we are able to provide a new service to our clients that are using open bed bio-filters. The analysis is quick and very useful in determining which part of the filter is not working properly. This helps us bring the filter back to optimal efficiency.

Field EngineerBio-Filter Manufacturer, Ontario, Canada

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