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Scentroid DR300 Sampling drone adds a new dimension to air sampling. The DR300 Sampling drone can be used to sample ambient air at heights of up to 125 meters above ground level or directly sample from stack plumes. Height sampling and direct plume sampling opens a new avenue that can be used to increase accuracy of emission and impact assessment.

Sampling from Hazardous Sources

With the DR300 sampling drone operator can stay safely away from hazardous sources while acquiring environmental samples.

Direct Flare Plume Sampling

The DR300 can be flown into the plume of a flare to take direct samples for analysis for chemical composition and olfactometery. Temperature and humidity of the plume are also measure to ease dispersion calculation.

Continuous Chemical Monitoring

Scentroid DR300 air sampling drone Is capable of providing remote monitoring of more than 50 chemicals. Data from on-board sensors are transmitted to operator’s tablet for to be viewed live and logged.

Sampling Drone Application

A New Dimension in Air Sampling

Refineries, petrochemical plants, and many other processes have emissions that are difficult to sample using traditional methods. The sampling drone opens a whole new dimension in air sampling by allowing the operator to take direct samples from odour plumes and other sources that are difficult and /or dangerous without exposure to physical or chemical hazards.
Taking samples at various heights upwind and downwind of the plant allows for accurate measurement of all emissions generated by the plant without the need for source sampling.

Sampling Drone Basics of Operation

One Operator Can Handle Everything

The Scentroid DR300 sampling drone is a complete package where one person can fly the drone, monitor the exact location of the drone including longitude, latitude, altitude, height and  take samples all without being exposed to any physical or chemical hazards. The dedicated remote and Drone App allow the operator to initiate pump, monitor H2S and Ammonia, take temperature, GPS position and height readings.

A Complete Self-Contained Solution

A Complete Self-Contained Solution

The Scentroid DR300 sampling drone comes as a complete sampling solution. The kit includes the drone, remote controller with the device holder, standing legs, sampling probe, 3 custom made sampling bags, set of spare rotor blades, battery charger, spare battery pack, safety string rolls, etc.

Live Chemical Monitoring

Scentroid DR300 Air sampling drone provides continuous monitoring of multiple chemicals. While in flight, built-in sensors can provide remote monitoring of H2S, Ammonia, VOC, and more than 30 other chemicals. Data is transmitted to the operator’s tablet for live monitoring and recording. Chemical readings along with GPS position and altitude can provide 3D mapping of ambient pollution and odour levels. This feature can also be used to guide the operator into a plume for bag sampling.


The DR300 Drone can be equipped with any two (2) of the following sensors:

Sensor ID Chemical Range Lowest Detection Threshold Resolution (ppm)
CD1 Carbon Dioxide – High Concentration 5,000 to 900,000 ppm 5000 ppm 100 ppm
CD2 Carbon Dioxide – Low Concentration 0-5000 ppm 0 ppm 15 ppm
CO1 Carbon Monoxide (low Concentration) 500 ppm 15 ppm 5 ppm
CO2 Carbon Monoxide (high concentration) 10000 ppm 250 ppm 20 ppm
C11 Chlorine 20 ppm 200 ppb 20 ppb
E1 Ethylene Oxide 0-100 ppm 1 ppm 0.1 ppm
H1 Hydrogen 0-5000 ppm 1 ppm 0.8 ppm
HCL1 Hydrogen Chloride 100 ppm 0.1 ppm 0.1 ppm
HCY1 Hydrogen Cyanide 100 ppm 0.1 ppm 0.1 ppm
AM1 Ammonia 100 ppm 0 ppm 1 ppm
ON1 Ozone and Nitrogen Dioxide O3- 20; NO2- 20 ppm 0 ppb 15 ppb
PH1 Phosphine (low Concentration) 10 ppm 0 ppm 30 ppb
PH2 Phosphine (high Concentration) 2000 ppm 5 ppm 2 ppm
HS1 Hydrogen Sulfide (low Concentration – ppb) 1 ppm 3 ppb 1 ppb
HS2 Hydrogen Sulfide (high Concentration – ppm) 2000 ppm 1 ppm 1 ppm
NO1 Nitrogen Oxide 100 ppm 0 ppm 0.1 ppm
CH1 Carbon Monoxide & Hydrogen Sulfide CO 0-1000, H2S 0-100 ppm 0 ppm CO 1, H2S 0.25 ppm
E2 Ethanol 0-500 ppm 0 ppm 1 ppm
MT1 Methane (LEL) 0-100 % LEL 0 ppm 1% LEL
NC1 Nitric Oxide (low Concentration) 20 ppm 0 ppm 80 ppb
NC2 Nitric Oxide (High Concentration) 5000 ppm 0 ppm 1 ppm
ND1 Nitrogen Dioxide (Low Concentration) 20 ppm 0 ppm 0.02 ppm
ND2 Nitrogen Dioxide (high Concentration) 200 ppm 0 ppm 0.1 ppm
O1 Oxygen 0-20% 0 ppm 0.10%
O2 Oxygen 0-100% 0 ppm 1%
PD1 Total VOCs (ppb) – PID 50 ppm ( isobutylene ) 0 ppm 1 (ppb isobutylene)
PD2 Total VOCs (ppm) – PID 300 ppm ( isobutylene ) 1 ppm 0.1 (ppm isobutylene)
SD1 Sulfur Dioxide (high Concentration) 2000 ppm 0 ppm 2 ppm
SD2 Sulfur Dioxide (low Concentration) 20 ppm 0 ppb 20 ppb
FM1 Formaldehyde 10 ppm 0.01 ppm 0.01 ppm
PM 1-10
Particulate PM 1, 2.5, 10 0-10,000 Particles/Sec PM 1 N/A



What is the maximum temperature for the DR300 sampling drone?

The Sampling drone can be operated in temperature up to 70C. At 60C the drone program will warn the operator to take necessary actions.

Does the Drone have chemical sensors?

Yes. Chemical sensors are installed for measurement and also for aiding the operator to position the drone in the plume. Standard sensor is H2S.

How many liters is each sample bag?

The standard sample bag that is included is 3 Liters but larger ones up to 10 Liters can be ordered.

Is it possible to sample from a source under negative pressure?

Yes. Under 100 mbar the standard unit will operate with minimal dilution variance. Above 100 mbar specific calibration sheets are provided by Scentroid and should be used.


What our clients says about DR300

This is brilliant. Previously we used man hot air balloons for height samples which were very dangerous. The drone makes it very simple to take height samples and keeps our feet on the ground.

Industrial Hygienist Switzerland

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