A device that is used to determine odour concentration, odour intensity and hedonic tone.  This is achieved by diluting the odour sample with odour-neutral air, which is then presented to a panel.  The dilutions may be done by volume or flow-rate and are referred to as a static olfactometer or dynamic olfactometer respectively.

The device may be a mobile unit or permanently in place.  It is important to note that the olfactometer should be in an odour free environment so as to not to interfere with measurements.  Materials used in an olfactometer must be odour neutral such as stainless steel or PTFE.

According to the EN13725, the range of an olfactometer shall be less than 27 to at least 214, with a range of 213.  The presentation of diluted air (neutral gas and odour sample) is to  be at least 20l/min.

Check Scentroid Olfactometers :

SM100 Infield Olfactometer

SM100i Intelligent Olfactometer

SC 300 Portable Olfactometer

SC300-P Scientific Olfactometer

SS600 Laboratory Olfactometer

SS400 Six Station Portable Olfactomete

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