Odour impact assessment

Odour impact assessment

Uses a three-level framework in the assessment for odour sources.
A Level 1 odour impact assessment is a simple screening based on general site activity and parameters. This level requires minimal data and is used to determine the likely extent of an odour. It may be used is in smaller developments and less populated areas or sites with few sensitive receptors.

Level 2 odour impact assessments use a dispersion modeling technique using worst case scenario data. This level is more indepth and provides a more realistic prediction of any odour impact than level 1. This level of impact assessment may be used when determining whether an upgrade to a wastewater facility will result in an odour impacts.

Level 3 odour impact assessments are is a modelling technique that uses site specific data and therefore is the most comprehensive impact assessment.
Reference: Assessment and management of odour from stationary sources in NSW.

Department of Environment and Conservation NSW. November 2006.


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