Air Sampling Chamber


The Scentroid Vacuum Chambers are easy to use, portable, and cost-effective air sample collection devices. Vacuum chambers are used to pull samples directly without dilution from stack, ambient air, or other sampling devices such as flux chamber or wind tunnel. The Scentroid vacuum chambers, air sampling box, come in multiple sizes to fit bags of up to 10L, 25L, and even 50L. Use the Scentroid Vacuum Chambers for soil gas sampling, groundwater testing, stack sampling, hazmat testing, and U.S. EPA Methods 18 and 0040 and ventilation studies. Scentroid Vacuum Chambers, bag sampling box, Designed for Scentroid PTFE sample bags.

Built-in Sample pump

The Scentroid Vacuum chamber is equipped with a powerful built-in sample pump capable of taking 12 lpm of sample even in negative pressure conditions. The larger models (VC20, and VC50) come with dual pumps for increased flow rate.

Built-in Rechargeable Batteries

The Scentroid Vacuum chambers come with high-capacity batteries that can be recharged using wall or automotive power plugs. The battery can sustain the sampling pump for more than 12 hours of continuous operation.

Viewing window and LED lighting

Not only does the Scentroid vacuum chamber provide a clear viewing window, but also built-in LED lights illuminate the sample bag to ease filling operation.

Vacuum Chamber Applications

Air Sampling Box

Vacuum Chamber Applications

  • Acquire sample from ambient air
  • Acquire sample from flux chamber
  • Acquire sample from static hood
  • Acquire sample from wind tunnel
  • Acquire sample from other source that will not create condensation in the sample bag

Vacuum Chamber Basic of Operation

Vacuum Chamber Basic of Operation

Air Sampling Box
  • Open the Vacuum chamber
  • Connect the Sample bag to the PTFE tube inside the vacuum chamber
  • Close the vacuum chamber
  • Connect the external sample line to the sample collection device (i.e probe or Flux chamber) for source sampling or leave off if sampling ambient air.
  • Switch to Sample function to draw in the sample air
  • Stop when sample is half full and switch to Purge routine to exhaust all the lines and the sample bag with source air.
  • Switch to Sample function again and fill the bag with sample air.
  • Turn unit off and open the case
  • Close sample bag valve and remove it from the vacuum chamber.

Vacuum Chamber Capabilities

Vacuum Chamber Capabilities

Scentroid Vacuum Chamber (bag sampling chamber) uses a built in miniature pump to create a vacuum of more than 18” HG inside the sample box. The 12V rechargeable battery is capable of sustaining more than 75 samples with a single charge and can be charged using 110/220V outlet or a 12V car outlet.

Vacuum Chamber Ease of Use

Air Sampling Box

Purging Function

Bag Sampling Chamber Purging

The purge function creates a positive pressure inside the sampling chamber forcing all the air inside the sample bag to exhaust through the sample line. This function makes purging, priming, and conditioning a one-step simple process.

Vacuum Chamber Demo Videos

Air Sampling Chamber

Scentroid Remote Vacuum Chambers

Scentroid VC10 Vacuum Chambers

Vacuum Chamber Instruction Videos

Scentroid Vacuum Chambers - 20 & 50 Liters

Las Cámaras de Vacío SCENTROID


Air Sampling Chamber


Do you make a vacuum chamber for nalophane bags?

YES. The VCN is a special vacuum chamber designed for Nalophan bags. This rugged sampling equipment is easier to carry, deploy, and use than the standard Plexiglas samplers traditionally used. For more information contact us directly.

What is the maximum sample rate?

The maximum sample rate of VC10 is 12 liters per minute (lpm) and for the VC20 and VC50 is 25 lpm.

How do you control the sample rate?

If you require a sample rate lower than the maximum 12 or 25 lpm, a flow regulator can be installed on the exhaust port of the instrument. Installing on the exhaust port instead of the intake port will ensure the regulator is not contaminated with sample.

Can I order a vacuum chamber with remote activation?

YES. We do make a special vacuum chamber that can be put on timers or be activated remotely via smart app and GPRS connection.

Why do you need to purge or prep the sample bag?

For some sample bag material such as Tedlar or Nalophane it is critical to purge the bag meaning to fill it half way with the sample and then exhaust the air before taking the actual sample. In some countries up to three purges are required. This process will ensure that any chemicals that would bound with the surface of the bag is used to saturate the bag in order to ensure the final sample composition is unaffected. PTFE bags require less purging than Nalophane or Tedlar.


What our clients says about Scentroid Vacuum Chambers

We use the Scentroid vacuum chamber daily. It is easy to use and reliable. It works in all weather conditions and can take the rigors of field sampling.

Odour specialist Odour Laboratory, Chile

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