US20 Urban Scanner

Mobile Smart City Air Quality Monitor

US20 Urban Scanner: Mobile Smart City Air Quality Monitor

The Urban Scanner™ is a complete platform that provides detailed air quality information within urban landscapes. It achieves this by collecting and combing a variety of information such as air pollution concentrations, a 3D map of the city, traffic conditions, micro-weather patterns, and more.


Easy Data Collection

Data is collected using a weather-proof, easily mountable device installed on the roof of a vehicle. The data is then processed using sophisticated AI-based algorithms in order to extract key information and correlate them to an air quality value at any location within the sampling environment

Brilliant AI Capabilities

An advanced deep learning algorithm is used to generate geo-spatial predictions of urban pollution. This means that the system can provide pollution concentration values for locations that the Urban Scanner has not even sampled. The model can also be used to identify polluted zones and pinpoint the source of local pollution.

Monitor an Entire City!

Allows for street by street monitoring, which would have been previously difficult with fixed stationary units due to the overall challenge of capturing an entire city's data. The AI algorithm developed by Scentroid will compensate for missing plot points and figure out the rest!


Mobile Smart City Air Quality Monitor

The Urban Scanner can be equipped with the best sensing technology in the industry! Some of the many applications of Scentroid sensor technology include:

  • Gas analyzers
  • Laser scattered particulate matter
  • Ultrasonic anemometer
  • LIDAR (optional)
  • 360 degree camera
  • High resolution compass
  • GPS receiver
  • Noise sensor
  • EMF detector




Mobile Smart City Air Quality Monitor

The Urban Scanner:

  • Measure pollutants in real time
  • Stores sampling data safely and securely
  • Self-calibrates
  • Maps city streets and their corresponding air quality
  • Incorporates sophisticated algorithms which adapt to spatial and temporal changes of air quality in order to enhance predictive air quality monitoring methodologies
  • Creates highly intelligent inner-city model representations capable of auto-adjusting output results based on the time of day

Multi Dimension Sensing
Capable of measuring gases, pollutants, and other volatile organic compounds (VOCs) using a parts per billion resolution.

Automatic zero function and manual span calibration, using calibration gas and included on-board screen

Safe Data is the Best Data!
Data is transmitted to multiple safe sources to prevent any potential data loss.

Featured Sensors
Capable of measuring electromagnetic frequencies (EMF), radiation, noise, wind, and odour

Cloud Access
Unit can be accessed on location or remotely using encrypted cloud based hosting

Capable of 3G/4G, and WiFi


Mobile Smart City Air Quality Monitor

Sampling Rate

Adjustable from 1 per second, to 1 per minute

Sampling Ports

1 to 2 ports available

Power Requirements

Requires 12 v, 90 w, through a continuous power supply

On Board Storage

500 gb SSD drive

User Interface

On board screen with remote access to SIMS 2.0

Temperature Range with AC unit

-50 to 50 °C with gas analyzer kept in AC regulated cabin

Manual Calibration

Using calibration gas and on-board screen

Automatic Calibration

Optional, using built-in calibration gas

Mounting Hardware

Vehicular mounting hardware dependent


Mobile Smart City Air Quality Monitor

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Mobile Smart City Air Quality Monitor

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Mobile Smart City Air Quality Monitor

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