The Scentroid approach to successful training involves the use of the latest simulation technology to provide global access to comprehensive training on all topics related to environmental odour products and odour contamination.

Online Training

Online Training

The Scentroid Odour Academy is a specialized facility providing training and research in the field of odour sampling and analysis. Qualified instructors and industry experts provide not only in-depth hands-on training on using the Scentroid line of olfactometers but also share general sampling and odour measurement techniques from around the world!

Scentroid Online Academy

Simulation Room

Simulation Room

Our high-tech Simulation Room provides a full understanding of odour sampling and measurement techniques. Students will gain both in-class and hands on training with a variety of Scentroid products at our state of the art simulation room, This dedicated training and research facility is equipped with :

. Stacks with adjustable humidity, temperature, and odour
concentrating setting.
. Bio-filter simulator with active area source for Flux Chamber
. Liquid holding tank with aeration capability for Flux Chamber
and Wind Tunnel training.
. Ambient odour generation with variable concentration

Global Conferences

Global Conferences

Environmental odour pollution is considered to be one of the world’s most annoying, dangerous and constant threats. Our world is exposed to hazardous odour pollutants from different sources every day. From large industries to basic human activities, odour are more prevalent around our world on a daily basis. These odours damage our environmental resources such as air, water and soil. Slowly, our ecosystem is being brought down by the impending danger of these These problems require immediate scientific attention to find an appropriate and cost effective solution. Scentroid’s Global Odour Conferences are a small step towards finding those solutions. “Scentroid’s Global Odour Conferences” are a series of international conferences which are held 2 to 3 times in a year. These conferences focus on all aspects of Odour Environmental Science, Engineering, Technology, and Regulation.

The aim of our Global Odour Conferences is to bring together the Canadian and international community working in the field of environmental sciences, engineering, technology and regulation, and to foster an environment conducive to present advances in the field. This conferences also provide a golden opportunity to develop new collaborations and gather world odour experts on the different topics including new technologies in the fields of environmental odour assessment, monitoring, regulation, mitigation, and abatement. It also serves to foster communication among researchers and practitioners working in a wide variety of industries with a common interest in improving odour management in Wastewater Treatment, Waste Management, Composting, Landfill Sites, Petrochemical, Oil and Gas, Food Processing, Agriculture, Abattoirs /Rendering Plants, Pulp and Paper, and General Manufacturing. In all of our conferences we include invited keynote talks, oral presentation sessions, and poster sessions to demonstrate new and exciting technology and research in the fields.

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