Stack sampler is an easy to use device that provides accurate pre-dilution of high temperature gas emissions with nitrogen or zero-air to minimize condensation inside the sample bag. Dilution is achieved inside the heated probe and can be controlled from 1:3 to 1:305 in 14 steps.

Eliminate sample condensation

DS5 provides accurate pre-dilution of high temperature gas emissions with nitrogen or zero-air to minimize condensation inside the sample bag.

Accurate Pre-Dilution

Dilution is achieved inside the heated probe and can be controlled from 1:3 to 1:305 in 14 steps

Fast and Reliable

With a backpack containing micro-nitrogen tank and simple one push operation the DS5 is the most reliable, fast, and easy to use diluting sampler ever created.

Stack Diluting Sampler Features

Stack Diluting Sampler Features

  • Flue gas heated probe
  • completely stainless steel wetted surfaces
  • includes nitrogen micro-tank with filter and regulator
  • one push sampling operation
  • grab and time sampling from 1-17 LPM
  • lightweight and easy to carry up stacks
  • High temperature compatibility

Stack Diluting Sampler Basics of Operation

Stack Diluting Sampler Basic of Operation

  • Attach the sample bag
  • Open the valve on the Nitrogen micro-tank
  • Select the desired dilution from 1:3 to 1:305 bu installing the corresponding dilution disk
  • Insert the probe into stack and allow 3 minute for it to reach the same temperature as the stack gases
  • Press the trigger and wait for the sample bag to fill up.

Stack Diluting Sampler Capabilities

Stack Diluting Sampler Capabilities

If hot gasses emitted from a stack are directly placed in a Tedlar or Nalophan bag they begin to develop condensation. These small droplets of water absorb many of the critical components that contribute to the overall odour of the sample. The stack diluting sampler eliminates this problem by mixing the stack air with dry clean Nitrogen so that the moisture can’t condense inside the bag. The mixing happens inside the probe and since the probe becomes at the same temperature as the stack air, there is no chance of the sample developing condensation before being mixed with Nitrogen.

Stack Diluting Sampler Instruction Video

Stack Diluting Sampler



What is the maximum temperature of the stack?

Standard model can sample gases up to 400C. Optional high temperature model can sample from flue gases up to 600C.

How do you select the right dilution ratio?

Selecting the right dilution ratio will depend on flue temperature, humidity, and transportation conditions. We can provide step by step instructions on this calculation to help you in selecting the ideal pre-dilution value.

Why there are 14 dilution steps and other manufacturers only have 1 or 2 dilution steps?

Recently it has been shown that selecting the optimal dilution can greatly affect olfactometric result. The EN13725:2003 has not yet been updated to reflect these new discoveries. However, ON-6 odour sampling regulation has implemented these changes with great success.

Can DS5 sample from a pressurized stack?

Yes with the use of a pressure relief/drip line. This allows the extra pressure to escape the probe head without affecting dilution accuracy.

Is it possible to sample from a source under negative pressure?

Yes. Under 100 mbar the standard unit will operate with minimal dilution variance. Above 100 mbar specific calibration sheets are provided by Scentroid and should be used.

Can the DS5 be used for gases with dust or other particles?

Absolutely. The DS5 will not be affected for particles below 25 microns. Where there larger particles, included stainless steel screens can be installed to prevent clogging of the sample line.


What our clients says about DS5

We have two Scentroid DS5 diluting samplers and have been using them for years. They are our most reliable equipment. The technicians find having both hands free while climbing safer and more convenient. This product is incomparable to anything else out there.

Odour specialist, Air & Odour Quebec, Canada

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