Scentroid SS400 olfactometer is an advance mobile 6 station portable olfactometer. The Six Station Portable Olfactometer SS400 is used to assess odour concentration from a sample using 2 presentation modes (Binary or Yes/No) by fulfilling the requirements of the EN13725 and VDI 3881 standards.

Odour Analysis to All Standards

The Scentroid SS400 olfactometer uses the latest technologies to deliver absolute precision & functionality. Users can perform olfactometry analysis to EN13725 & VDI 3881 with Binary, Yes/No, and Hedonic test methods.

Portability Without Compromise

The Scentroid SS400 Six Station Portable Olfactometer can be transported to remote locations minimizing the time between sampling and analysis to avoid sample degradation. SS400 olfactometer includes a hard watertight and shockproof carrying case.

Portable Air Supply Unit

SS400 olfactometer comes with its own clean air supply module. The 2 HP ultra-quiet air compressor and all its associated intercoolers, filters, and pressure regulator are built into a easy to carry hard watertight and shockproof carrying case for easy transportation.

SS400 Six Station Portable Olfactometer Applications

SS400 Olfactometer Applications

SS400 Six Station Portable Olfactometer Basics of Operation

SS400 Olfactometer Basics of Operation

  • Connect odour sample bag to the SS400 Six Station Portable Olfactometer
  • Using the Admin tablet start a new test
  • Scan the unique barcode on the sample
  • Select the number of panelist (1-6) and the test type (Yes/No, Binary, or Hedonic Tone)
  • System will conduct purging and assessment automatically
  • Panelist will be instructed to sniff and input their reponse using their dedicated tablets
  • System will log and send all results wirelessly to Scentroid’s Laboratory management software

SS400 Six Station Portable Olfactometer Capabilities

SS400 Olfactometer Capabilities

The Scentroid SS400 Six Station Portable Olfactometer is the world’s only portable six (6) panel olfactometerThe compact and flexible form allows for easy transportation and deplyment. The flexible  connection between panelist stations and the central control pyramid allows the SS400 Six Station Portable Olfactometer to be setup to fit the table and room layout. Full automation and data processing using Scentroid’s Laboratory Information Management software allow any laboratory to be easily certified to ISO17025. 

  • Portable and easy to deploy
  • Full automation
  • assessment using 1 to 6 panelist 
  • automated purging using oxidation (optional)

SS400 Six Station Portable Olfactometer Technical Specification

Model Scentroid SS400 Six Station Portable Olfactometer
Number of Panelists From1 up to 6 panelists
Test Modes Binary, Yes/No, Hedonic Tone (VDI), Intensity
Dilution Principle High precision medical mass flow controllers
Dilution Steps 15
Dilution Range 2^3 to 2^16
Accuracy Error less than 5%
Presentation flow rate 20 lpm
Sample Analysis Time 7 samples/hour (8 min)
Sample Consumption Less than 10L for 3 rounds with 5 dilution steps and 10 second sniffing time.
Panelist Control Touch Screen Interface
Administrator Display 10” smart tablet touch screen
Communication WiFi and Bluetooth®
Display language English
Presentation 2 Stainless Steel Sniffing Ports per Station
Wetted surfaces  PTFE and PTFE coated Stainless steel
Software upgrade Automatic over Wi-Fi
Dimensions 63.5 x 63.5 x 31 cm
Standards EN13725/2003, ASTM E679-04, VDI3881, AS4323.3
Weight 30 kg olfactometer and 35 kg air supply module

Laboratory Information Management Software

Laboratory Information Management Software ( LIMS )

The Scentroid SS400 Six Station Portable Olfactometer seamlessly integrates with Scentroid’s laboratory information management software (LIMS) for complete automated panelist screening, sample tracking, analysis reporting, and other routine operations. LIMS and SS400 Six Station Portable Olfactometer are designed to make the process of acquiring ISO17025 certification easy and straight forward.

  • In-field Sample Information Acquisition
  • Bar-code tracking
  • Full integration with all Scentroid Olfactometers
  • Panelist certification and performance tracking
  • Automated report generation for clients
  • Laboratory performance reports
  • Streamlines ISO certification

SS400 Six Station Portable Olfactometer Calibration and Upgrade Service

SS400 Olfactometer Calibration and Upgrade Service

The SS400 Six Station Portable Olfactometer has a unique and remarkable calibration service never before seen in industry. Each year, another control pyramid will be provided to the user. The module will come pre-calibrated with brand new tubing, ultrasonically cleaned and ozone purified valves and dilutors, and 100% tested and recertified electronics. All firmware and possible hardware upgrades will also be implemented to ensure the latest features are available for all users. The SS400 Six Station Portable Olfactometer owner keeps the new control pyramid and sends back the old one to the nearest Scentroid service centers.

This service will ensure the unit is always performing optimally. It is like having a new unit every year!

Flexible Lease and Financing Options

Flexible Lease and Financing Options

To help you get started Scentroid offers an incredible leasing option. This lease to own option allows you to get started with minimal financial commitments. Lease the SS400 Six Station Portable Olfactometer for just one year. After one year decide to continue your lease or return the SS400 Six Station Portable Olfactometer. After 3 years of lease, the SS400 Six Station Portable Olfactometer will be completely yours.  You are fully protected by our comprehensive 24 month warranty and best of all your annual calibration and maintenance service is included in the lease!

The low initial investment will ensure your laboratory is profitable and successful. To help plan your business, use our olfactometeric laboratory profitability calculator.

olfactometeric laboratory profitability calculator.

Scentroid Mobile Air Supplier

Scentroid Mobile Air Supplier

The Scentroid Mobile Air Supply is designed to provide a compressed air supply for a variety of Scentroid products out in the field. This is ideal due to the fact that it produces no oil in the air flow, and therefore can be used as an independent air supply when oil in the airflow is often an issue.  The compressed air from the tank is monitored from the pressure meter, and if it rises more to 8 bar (approximately 116 psi) the tank will automatically cut-off the pressure control switch. When the pressure inside the tank lowers to 6 bar (approximately 87 psi) then the power is turned back on. The compressed air is passed through a cooling system to prevent overheating after prolonged use. Fans are used on either side of the container to ensure air is passing through, allowing the Air Supply to work while the lid is closed. A final gauge is used to regulate the air flow being used, and ideally set at 80 psi. The final step is to simply attach the product (ex. SM400) to the outlet and turn on the main switch.

SS400 Six Station Portable Olfactometer Instruction Videos

SS400 six station portable olfactometer



How many samples can I run in 2 hours?

On average running 2 full rounds per sample with 6 panelists at least 12 samples can be analyzed in 2 hours.

Will administrator be able to see the results live?

Yes.The results are transmitted live to the administrator tablet providing instant odour concentration calculation, individual responses, and much more.

How does the SS400 olfactometer decontaminate itself?

The SS400 Six Station Portable Olfactometer  uses the same pulse purge technology used in SS600 for automated decontamination. For those especially sticky odours, external purification unit can be purchased that utilizes ion oxidation to quickly disinfect the unit.

Do I need a round table?

No. The control pyramid is attached to the sniffing ports via flexible PTFE tubing. Panelist tablets use wireless communication with the control pyramid. Therefore, the SS400 Six Station Portable Olfactometer can be configured to fit any table or room layout.


What our clients says about SS400 Six Station Portable Olfactometer

The SS400 Six Station Portable Olfactometer is extremely reliable and easy to use. The automation and LIMS software has really streamlined our operation. We plan to expand our laboratory in 2 other cities by leasing a few more SS400 Six Station Portable Olfactometer.

Olfactometeric Laboratory Germany

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