As the manufacture with the highest R&D odour experience in the world we can develop any customized product or accessory to supplement our specialized service.

Scentroid Services

We pride ourselves on the quality of our team and the quality of the service which they provide. Our staff is comprised of dedicated individuals from all over the globe that have professional experience in a wide variety of Odour Environmental Science, Engineering, and Technology.

They have come together to develop and distribute powerful and innovative solutions that meet the unique needs of today’s environmental concerns.

Warranty and Services

24 Months Warranty

We are so confident of the reliability of our products that we are glad to offer our clients comprehensive 24 month full warranty.

Phone Support

Our highly professional customer services are here to serve you, for any technical issue reach them easily via phone: 416.479.0078 – Ext215

SME Support

Connecting you to the Subject Matter Experts! Our customer support is unique in that you can talk directly to the designer or programmer of each product.

Live Chat

If you feel more convenient to solve your technical issue via chat, No problem! reach our highly professional customer services through Live Chat.

Local Support

We have developed a vast growing network of distributors and repair facilities. To find your local support please check our distributors map.

Email Support

For any issue you can reach one of our engineers via email for any technical issue. For fast and efficient support simply email