Olfactometer is a device that used to determine odour concentration, odour intensity and hedonic tone. This is achieved by diluting the odour sample with odour-neutral air, which is then presented to a panel. The dilutions may be done by volume or flow-rate and are referred to as a static olfactometer or dynamic olfactometer respectively.

Olfactometer device may be a mobile unit or permanently in place. It is important to note that the olfactometer should be in an odour free environment so as to not to interfere with measurements. Materials used in an olfactometer must be odour neutral such as stainless steel or PTFE.

SM100 Infield Olfactometer

Ultra-Portable personal olfactometer

Scentroid SM100 is the world’s most advanced personal olfactometer. This odour measurement apparatus allows users to accurately quantify odour concentration of ambient air and source samples.
This revolutionary odour measurement device (Patent Pending) offers an easy-to-use and cost effective alternative to guessing at odour strength or using expensive odour measuring laboratories.

SM100i Intelligent Personal Olfactometer

Represents the next evolution in personal olfactometry

The Scentroid SM100i , Intelligent Personal Olfactometer represents the next evolution in personal olfactometry. This automated olfactometer can conduct full odour analysis including YES/NO and Hedonic Tone test modes in full accordance to the international EN13725 standard. The SM100i can analyze from a sample bag or be deployed in the field for direct olfactometry and ambient odour measurement. In addition to odour concentration (in OU) the SM100i with the use of the wearable OdoTracker can also automatically record Ammonia (NHx) and Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) in real-time.

SC300 Portable Olfactometer

World’s most advanced mobile olfactometer

Scentroid SC300 is the world’s most advanced mobile olfactometer. It is capable of odour measurement and analysis to all international olfactometry standards: EN13725:2003, ASTM E679-04, NVN2820, VDI 3881, GB/T14675-93. Best of all, it can be transported to site and deployed in minutes for a complete accredited olfactometric laboratory.

SC300P Scientific Olfactometer

Specialized multi-sensory olfactometer with EEG capabilities

Scentroid SC300-P (Scientific Olfactometer) is a specialized multi-sensory olfactometer with EEG and FNIR capabilities for advance psychological and physiological research and treatment. The SC300-P has been used by researchers and doctors to research and treat a variety of disorders including Post Traumatic Stress disorder.

SS600 Laboratory Olfactometer

Scentroid SS600 is the world’s most advanced stationary

Scentroid SS600 is the world’s most advanced stationary, dynamic, and fully automated olfactometer. It is capable of odour measurement and analysis to all international olfactometry standards: EN13725:2003, ASTM E679-04, NVN2820, VDI 3881, GB/T14675-93, AS 4323.3

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