The Scentroid Flux chamber (AKA Emission Isolation Flux Hood) is used to determine levels of emissions from solid or liquid surfaces. The SF450 has a 100% solid stainless steel construction to ensure zero cross contamination. Flotation is achieved using 4 stainless steel floats eliminating the need for rubber tubes or foam making the unit easy to clean and maintain.

Solid and liquid surface

Flux Chamber designed for both solid and liquid surface sample collections.

Stainless steel

Scentroid Flux Chamber is 100% Stainless steel construction.


Stainless steel floats (no foam or rubber tubes needed for liquid surface sampling).

Stainless steel fitting

Stainless steel fitting for sweep air (clean air), sample air, Relief flow, and temperature probe.

Extra fitting

Extra fitting for thermocouple probe (sold separately).


Scentroid Flux Chamber has Stainless steel chain and hoist ring.

Flux Chamber Applications

Flux Chamber Applications

  • Emission Measurement from Liquid surfaces such as settling tanks and off-spec ponds
  • Emission Measurement from Solid surfaces such as compost piles and sludge
  • Emission Measurement from liquid active sources such as aerated lagoons
  • Ideal for sampling of corrosive sources e.g. with high benzene or H2S content
  • Ideal for field operations that require quick decontamination

Flux Chamber Basics of Operation

Flux Chamber Basic of Operation

  • Connect the sweep air line to Nitrogen or zero air cylinder
  • Move the Flux Chamber to sampling location
  • Allow time for 2 air exchanges inside the chamber
  • Pull sample with vacuum chamber
  • For aerate liquid sources sweep air may not be required

Flux Chamber Characteristic

Flux Chamber Characteristic

  • 450 mm (17″) diameter with enclosed surface area of 0.155 sq meters (240 sq inches).
  • All Stainless steel construction including floaters for optimal decontamination
  • Standard fittings designed for 1/4″ or 12 mm OD PTFE tubing for sweep and sample air (custom size fitting available)
  • Additional fittings for pressure/temperature sensors
  • Dedicated pressure relief port

Flux Chamber Demo Videos

SCENTROID SF450 Flux Chamber

Scentroid Flux Chamber Operation

Flux Chamber Instruction Videos

Scentroid SF450 Flux Chamber

Scentroid SF450 Cámara de Flujo



Can I use the SF450 Flux Chamber for petrochemical industry ?

Absolutely. The SF450 is ideally suited for the petrochemical industry where many corrosive chemicals need to be sampled. Unlike other Flux Chambers on the market that use Plexiglas dome and foam or rubber floaters, the SF450 is made of 100% stainless steel and therefore can be used in any environment.

How do I decontaminate the SF450 Flux Chamber

The SF450 is made entirely of 316L stainless steel and therefore can be easily cleaned with water in most cases. For sticky substances most solvent or unscented soaps can be used.

How do I use the SF40 Flux Chamber for sampling aerated tanks?

Most aerated tanks provide enough positive air flow to be classified as active sources. These sources can be sampled via SF450 Flux Chamber by removing the sweep air line and opening the relief port. This allows the excess gas to escape making the Flux Chamber act as a static hood on liquid surfaces.

Should I use nitrogen or zero-air for sweep air?

Nitrogen provides the added advantage of minimizing oxidization of the sample in transport, but ultimately what is available at site will dictate this choice. If Nitrogen is not available zero-air or even odourless air will work well for olfactometry if delay between sampling and analysis is minimal.


What our clients says about SF450

I have used the SF450 Flux chamber for a number of years and it is an excellent instrument. In addition to its ease of use and decontamination, clients are always interested to know what this instrument is and give lots of compliments on its looks.

Odour specialist EOC, Canada

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