Scentroid is a professional supporter in legal proceedings. We are proud to announce that we were successfully involved in more than 200 case called for expert opinion, you can easily rely on Scentroid for the information and judgement you’ll need as our other professional clients and industries owners did.

Who We Are ?

Scentroid Expert Witness

We are proud to announce that we are  professional supporter in legal proceedings with successful experience in more than 200 case calls for expert opinion. You can easily rely on us for the information and judgement you’ll need as our other professional clients and Industries owner did.

Our super professional “Scentroid Expert Witness” team are highly skilled  in gathering and preparing evidence, reviewing third-party reports, and finding solution.


Scentroid Expert Witness Help You In :

Few example of what we help you in :

Scentroid is one of the leading companies, shaping future standards and regulation in environmental odour nuisance around the world. Our expert witness specialists have unparalleled experience and understanding of all aspects of odour impact assessment, regulation, and management. Our expert witness specialists can help in all cases including:
  • Class actions and compensation claims
  • Contractual dispute on mitigation technologies
  • Disputes of environmental nuisance
  • Environmental licensing
  • Validity study of third party impact assessments

What We Do ?

What we do for each case:

  • We collect and prepared all evidence through our specialist agents
  • We review all third-party expert reports 
  • Our specialist agents and their crew go to the site and make their own reports  
  • We review our complete documentation package and find the solution 
  • Inform legal representatives on the strength or weakness of the case and provide all information and documentation that he/she should use it in a court to win the case.