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Environmental consultants work on commercial or government contracts and addressing a variety of odour environmental issues by using our equipment.  The Scentroid line of professional olfactometers and sampling equipment is designed with the vision of providing accurate, reliable, and cost effective odour measurement solutions. Manufactured by IDES Canada Inc., our model selection ranges from an ultra-portable in-field olfactometer to a fully automated state-of-the-art odor laboratory tailored to satisfy the requirements of any situation. Environmental consultant can easily use

In addition to olfactometers, Scentroid also provides advanced air sampling and storage equipment such as stainless steel Flux Chamber, all-in-on Vacuum Chamber, Static Hood, and Stack Diluting Sampler. Our dedication to sample preservation and odour measurement accuracy is evident in our newly introduced pure PTFE sample bags. Browse our products from the menu above for complete description of our line of Olfactometers, Sampling, and Purging Equipment.


Scentroid provides the world’s largest odour training institution called Scentroid Odour Academy. Courses can be taken at our dedicated facility in Markham, Canada or online at academy.scentroid.com. Environmental consultants and students are given extensive knowledge and practical experience in all aspects of odour sampling, analysis, and mitigation. Upon completion of the prerequisite courses, students receive certification in one of the following five programs: Field Odour inspector, Environmental Supervisor, Olfactometeric Laboratory Supervisor, Sampling Technician, and Odour Consultant.

Expert to Expert

If you are an environmental specialist looking to expand into the odour nuisance market scentroid’s can provide you with the partnership to strengthen your proposals and provide the manpower, technical expertise and instruments to carry out the work.  Scentroid’s global experts are ready to help.

Air Quality and Ambient Monitoring

Scentroid provides state-of-the-art air quality monitoring and complaint management system.

  • Tailored to specific compounds detected during emission inventory or odour impact assessment.
  • In field gas chromatography and electro chemical sensor based monitoring.
  • Live dispersion monitoring and complaint management software.
  • Automated reporting.

Abatement Technologies

Scentroid can provide detailed recommendations on a wide range of abatement solutions for reduction of a plants emissions impact

  • Ranking of sources based on impact vs abatement cost.
  • Review of new and technologically advance abatement solutions.
  • Monitoring the efficiency of abatement technologies.
  • New technologies or refurbishment of exiting abatement solutions.

Warranty and Services

24 Months Warranty

We are so confident of the reliability of our products that we are glad to offer our clients comprehensive 24 month full warranty.

Phone Support

Our highly professional customer services are here to serve you, for any technical issue reach them easily via phone: 416.479.0078 – Ext215

SME Support

Connecting you to the Subject Matter Experts! Our customer support is unique in that you can talk directly to the designer or programmer of each product.

Live Chat

If you feel more convenient to solve your technical issue via chat, No problem! reach our highly professional customer services through Live Chat.

Local Support

We have developed a vast growing network of distributors and repair facilities. To find your local support please check our distributors map.

Email Support

For any issue you can reach one of our engineers via email for any technical issue. For fast and efficient support simply email support@scentroid.com

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