Scentroid SM100 is the world’s first field olfactometer

Ultra-Portable Personal Olfactometer

Scentroid SM100 is the world’s most advanced personal olfactometer. This odour measurement apparatus allows users to accurately quantify odour concentration of ambient air and source samples.
This revolutionary odour measurement device (Patent Pending) offers an easy-to-use and cost effective alternative to guessing at odour strength or using expensive odour measuring laboratories.

Unparalleled Reliability

The SM100 uses no electronic components and incorporates the highest grade of industrial components for the highest level of reliability. All parts have been tested to provide years of service with minimal maintenance. The SM100 is designed and built to last!


Unlike other infield odour-measuring devices, the SM100 does not rely on filters to clean ambient air for dilution. Rather, fresh odourless air is supplied by a portable light weight high-pressure air tank. This leads to the highest level of accuracy in the industry.

Cost Effective

SM100 is the most cost effective method of obtaining accurate and reliable odour concentration measurements. With practically no cost per sample, the user can perform more measurements for routine monitoring, trending, optimization, and complaint follow up.

Easy to Use

Get odour readings in 3 minutes. Simply wear the PTFE facemask and open the valve to purge the nose. Slowly open the sliding valve to increase the concentration until the odour becomes detectable. Read from the valve position indicator the sample strength in Odour Units.

Keeps Nose Sensitive in the Harshest Ambient Odours

The fresh air is also used to purge the nose before conducting the test. With up to 60 minutes of breathing air in each tank the user never even has to be exposed to full force of the undiluted ambient air.

Zero Maintenance

Requires no other accessories such as sample bags. No contamination: PTFE nose masks and stainless steel wetted surfaces. No filters to change. No pumps or other moving parts to maintain. Does not require frequent re-calibration. An instrument you can rely on!

SM100 Applications

Scentroid SM100 is the world’s first field olfactometer

SM100 Applications:

Scentroid SM100 is the world’s first field olfactometer
  • Conduct daily odour emissions monitoring of industrial operation
  • Determine odour source contributions
  • Evaluate odour emission impact on neighbouring residents
  • Determine odour mitigation effectiveness over time
  • Monitor emission compliance
  • Verify lab results and dispersion model predictions
  • Conduct Panelist Screening

SM100 Basics of Operation

Scentroid SM100 is the world’s first field olfactometer

Basics of Operation

Scentroid SM100 is the world’s first field olfactometer
  • The SM100 field odour measurement draws a sample of ambient air via venture vacuum pump and dilutes it using fresh odourless air from a high pressure compressed air tank.
  • Operator uses an adjustable sliding valve to control the ratio of fresh to ambient air.
  • The mixed air is sent to through a flexible hose to a disposable face mask.
  • Operator slowly increases concentration of the mix until the odour of ambient air is detected.
  • A scale on the sliding valve is used to calculate the odour concentration.

SM100 Capabilities

Scentroid SM100 is the world’s first field olfactometer


Scentroid SM100 is the world’s first field olfactometer
  • Use of field olfactometer
  • Ultra-portable, weighing only 4 lbs.
  • Measure odors as low as 2 OUs and as high as 30,000 OUs
  • Comparable results to lab based olfactometers.
  • Simple and cost effective
  • Capable of conducting panel screening using n-butanol.

Benefits of Infield Olfactometer

Scentroid SM100 is the world’s first field olfactometer

Benefits of Infield Olfactometer

Scentroid SM100 is the world’s first field olfactometer
  • Lower capital and operational costs
  • Elimination of sample degradation caused by sample shipment (time, temperature and pressure imposed during shipping).
  • Use of local population as panellist

SM100 Technical Specification

Scentroid SM100 is the world’s first field olfactometer
Air Supply Capacity(min) 15 min
Dilution range (Ou/m3) 2 – 30,000 (2^15) Download Calibration sheet for more information.
Dilution Principle Stainless Steel Eductor
Number of Dilution Steps: 15 (adjustable range)
Pres. Flow Rate (l/min) 20
Presentation Face Velocity (m/s) 0.3
Face Mask Half-face PTFE
Wetted Material Stainless Steel and PTFE
Tank Pressure (PSI) 4500
Dimensions (in) 16x6x6
Weight Kg/(lb) 3.5 (8)
Power Requirements: None

SM100 Demo Videos

Scentroid SM100 is the world’s first field olfactometer

Indoor ambient odour measurement

Chile env ministry, new odour regulation

SM100 Dispositivo para medición en campo/SPN

SM100 Instruction Videos

Scentroid SM100 is the world’s first field olfactometer

Scentroid SM100 training video

SM100 Infield olfactometer instructional video

SM100 - Olfatómetro de campo / Spanish


Scentroid SM100 is the world’s first field olfactometer


Scentroid SM100 is the world’s first field olfactometer

Does the SM100 meet the EN13725 standard: Air quality Determination of odour concentration by dynamic olfactometry?

Yes. The EN13725 is for laboratory instruments and as such SM100 in laboratory mode with the provided sniffing port and binary valve meets all requirements of the EN13725 olfactometry. When operating in this mode, the SM100 operator must conduct “Binary test mode” or “YES/NO method” in accordance to the supplied operating manual using 4 trained panelists.

What is Direct Olfactometry?

Direct olfactometry is when sample is pulled directly into the olfactometer without storage and transportation in a sample bag. In Section 7.2.1 of EN13725:2003 standard it is explained that the use of direct olfactometry has the advantage of reduced time between sampling and olfactometry and therefore minimal sample loss. SM100 provides a reliable and feasible solution for direct olfactometry.

How many years of warranty are provided with the SM100?

We are so confident of the reliability and robustness of the SM100 that we offer the industry’s longest warranty period: 36 months. For the duration of this warranty all components except consumables (backup carbon filter and PTFE tubing) will be repaired or replaced should any problem arise. Simply contact or use our live chat for immediate response.

How do I fill the tank when it`s empty?

We recommended the use of scuba air tanks to fill the SM100 micro-tanks. Each SM100 fill will provide 15-20 samples in the field. A standard scuba tank can refill the SM100 tank more than 20 times giving you a total of 400 samples before you have to refill the scuba tank. It is possible to use zero air or large industrial air tanks for filling the SM100 tank as well. However, pure Nitrogen should not be used as the panelist requires air.

I am an Odour Consultant, how can I use the SM100 as part of my QC program?

The SM100 provides the ideal opportunity to ensure lab results match field conditions. Results may be skewed by odour loss in the sample bag, issues in transportation, labeling, or analysis. By measuring the sample bag before shipment it is possible to have a good estimate on what the laboratory results should be. If the SM100 reading does not match the laboratory by an unacceptable margin, then the issue should be investigated. This may be required as part of the new VDI3880 standard.

Can the SM100 be used in conjunction with VDI 3940: Measurement Of Odour Impact by Field Inspection?

Absolutely! The term Enhanced Field Inspection is used to describe the combination of VDI3940 Impact Frequency method with SM100 Odour concentration measurements for a complete odour impact assessment. The Enhanced method provides a more complete picture of the odour impact by combining all aspects of FIDOL (Frequency, Intensity, Duration, Offensiveness and Location) principle. For more information visit “Enhanced Field Inspection Method” in WikiOdour.

How is the SM100 different than previous field olfactometers?

The SM100 is a complete new product unlike any field olfactometer seen before. Older technologies such as the Scentometer or Nasal Ranger rely   on carbon filters to clean the ambient air and provide odourless diluting air. The diluting air most often would have residual smell greatly skewing the results. The air would have to be inhaled through the carbon filters by the panelist creating a strain on the panelist’s lungs and resulting in shortness of breath not to mention reduced sensitivity.

The SM100 provides clean diluting air from ultra portable compressed air tanks for absolute reliability and accuracy. The air is presented to the panelist and complies with flow and speed set by in the European odour standard (EN13725). The results are readings that are directly comparable with laboratory based olfactometers as verified by numerous third party consultants!

If I need help using the device who should I contact?

At Scentroid we put great emphasis on training and support for our customers. If you need information, help, advice, or anything else simply email or click on the LiveChat below to get immediate response from our engineers and consultants.

We also provide extensive operating manuals, training videos and on-line courses on the use of our equipment and on odour assessment in general.

How often should I recalibrate the SM100?

The SM100 uses fixed orifice dilution control and therefore requires minimal recalibration. However, to comply with the EN13725 standard an annual recalibration should be performed. Re-calibration can be done by Scentroid, one of our distributors, or by any other certified measurement company.

Our SM100 Maintenance Service includes disassemble and ultrasonic cleaning,  re-assembly and replacement of all tubing and seals, and a final  re-calibration. to get more information on how to re-calibrate the SM100 or about our Annual SM100 Maintenance Service package please email us at


What our clients says about SM100

“We are very satisfied with the olfactometer SM100 and I congratulate you on the quality of it. We have used it non-stop for the last 2 years and found it to be an invaluable tool to our practice “

Odour specialist Environnement-Air, France

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