PTFE Sampling Bag

Scentroid is the only manufacturer offering PTFE sample bags.


Scentroid Is the only manufacturer offering PTFE air sampling bags. These sampling bags offer a much higher resistance to contamination and Scentroid PTFE Sampling Bag have a longer holding time than Tedlar bags. They are also accepted bag material for all standards. PTFE Sampling bags are extremely resistant to contamination and therefore can be easily cleaned and reused. PTFE sampling bags are already approved by the Ministry of Environment in Ontario and almost every other jurisdiction around the world.

Completely Odourless

High density PTFE has zero background odour giving you much more accurate measurements.

Maximum sample retention

PTFE provides the highest sample retention of any media. Scientific studies have shown improvement in 24 hours of up to 600% more in sample retention when compared to Tedlar.

Cost Effective

PTFE sample bags are reusable making them a cost effective option. Laboratories using the SP20 Heated Purger routinely reuse PTFE sample bags up to 30 times.

PTFE Sample Bag Advantage

Scentroid is the only manufacturer offering PTFE sample bags.

PTFE Sample Bag Advantage

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  • Ultra-pure PTFE film with exceptional sample preservation. 
  • PTFE density of 2.2 g per cubic centimeter is twice as high as Tedlar allowing for much longer sample preservation. 
  • Excellent stability for most compounds including VOCs, sulfur compounds, including hydrogen sulfide.
  • Excellent stability for carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, methane, and sulfur hexafluoride.
  • Excellent stability for petrochemical products such as benzene. 
  • Low sample absorption. 
  • Zero background odour allows for ambient sampling.
  • UV protection helps preserve samples during transportation.
  • Easy to clean and reuse (typical lifespan is 30 samples).
  • Choice of fittings to match bag size and application include both compression and 2-in-1 valve/septum fittings in a variety of materials including PTFE, stainless steel, PTFE coated Nylon, and Polypropylene.  
  • Stocked in a variety of sizes; custom bags available.
  • Bags available for EPA TCLP method.

PTFE Sampling Bags Ideal Application

Scentroid is the only manufacturer offering PTFE sample bags.

PTFE Recommended For Samples:

  • Where samples are processed with long delay. (12+ hours)
  • With high VOC and H2S. 
  • With any petrochemical products such as benzene.
  • With low odour threshold (will not contaminate sample).
  • With high humidity.

PTFE Not Recommended For Samples:

  • Being processed with delay exceeding 30 hours.

Pure PTFE Film

Scentroid is the only manufacturer offering PTFE sample bags.

Pure PTFE Film

SCENTROID PTFE bags are made of pure PTFE film. The Scentroid lightweight Nylon and PTFE fittings are easy to use and prevent damage to the bag from repeated operation.

Stability of air samples in PTFE Bag

Scentroid is the only manufacturer offering PTFE sample bags.

Scentroid Fittings

Scentroid is the only manufacturer offering PTFE sample bags.

SCENTROID sample bag fittings are designed specifically for air sampling. SCENTROID fittings are offered in a choice of materials and styles to fit your application. Stainless steel, polypropylene, and PTFE fittings combine the connector and valve with septum into one easy to use fitting. Compression style fittings made of PTFE coated nylon are used on larger bags where low flow restriction is required.

2 IN 1 Polypropylene

On/Off valve function with replaceable septum in a single unit. Quick, easy opening and closing of valve. Less than one half turn opens/closes the valve.  These fittings fit 4/1” & 6 mm tubing.

2 In 1 PTFE Fitting

The combination fitting and septum is made of pure PTFE and offers high corrosion resistance. The fittings are light weight and therefore provide an excellent choice for PTFE sample bags.

* The 2in1 PTFE fittings have some flow resistance & therefore they are recommended for bags of 1 to 5 L.

PTFE Coated Nylon

These fitting offer zero resistance on the sample flow and therefore are the ideal choice for large sample bags. They also allow attachment of tubing or syringe sample extraction by changing caps.

Stainless Steel Fitting

These all stainless steel fittings are used only on Scentroid stainless bags. This type of fitting is highly resistant to corrosive materials and can be used in high temperature sampling.

Sampling Bag Demo Videos

Scentroid is the only manufacturer offering PTFE sample bags.

Innovation in Sample Bags

Sampling Bag Instruction Videos

Scentroid is the only manufacturer offering PTFE sample bags.

Scentroid Sampling Bags


Scentroid is the only manufacturer offering PTFE sample bags.


How many times can the Scentroid PTFE bags be reused?

If properly cleaned the Scentroid PTFE sample bags can be reused 30 times or more.

Are PTFE sample bags accepted in the standards?

PTFE is one of the main materials recommended and accepted by all international standards. PTFE provides a more inert and clean material than most other materials available.

Can I get custom PTFE sample bags?

Yes. We routinely make custom sample bags to fit our clients needs. We have produced bags as large as 2 meters by 2 meters or as small as 3 cm by 3 cm. We can also install any fitting required.

What is the best way to clean the Scentroid PTFE sample bags?

The fastest way is to use the SP20 heated air purger. This device not only purges with hot air but also pulls out with high vacuum. Usually 3 minutes is more than enough time to clean any sample bag. Without the SP20 the PTFE sample bags can be cleaned by flushing with clean air or nitrogen.

Are PTFE sample bags new to the market?

PTFE sample bags have been around for a while were to be too costly for applications. Scentroid developed a new machine for sealing PTFE which allows us to offer PTFE bags at the same cost or even lower than Tedlar bags.

Can I have a PTFE bag with a resealable opening?

Absolutely. We offer snap seal bags that provide an opening on one side to insert solid materials into the sample bag. These bags can be made into any size or shape as per the requirements.


What our clients says about PTFE Sampling Bag

We switched from Tedlar to Scentroid PTFE Sample bags and have found the sample retention difference to be staggering. We had 80% loss with Tedlar over 2 hours for certain samples, now we can get less than 20% loss with PTFE. As far as we are concerned there is no other material for air sample bags.

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