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Our Products

Olfactometer And Chemical Analyzers Products
Scentroid 6 Station Laboratory Olfactometer - SS600
Scentroid Flux Chamber - SF450
Scentroid Heated Air Purger SP20
Scentroid Infield Olfactometer - SM100
Scentroid Intelligent Personal Olfactometer - SM100i
Scentroid N-Butanol - Sensitivity Kit - SK5
Scentroid Odotracker
Scentroid Odour Map Application
Scentroid Odour Sampling Bags
Scentroid Portable Olfactometer - SC300
Scentroid Scientific Olfactometer - SC300P
Scentroid Stack Diluting Sampler - DS5
Scentroid Static Hood Sampler - Model SH50
Scentroid Total Odour Management System-TOMS
Scentroid Vaccum Chamber - VC10
Scentroid WindTunnel -  SW60
Sampling Drone DR300
Scentroid SS600 Laboratory 6 station Olfactometer

Our Feature Product, Six Station Automated Olfactometer Laboratory

World’s most advanced stationary, dynamic, and fully automated olfactometer. It is capable of odour measurement and analysis to all international olfactometry standards:

  • EN13725:2003
  • ASTM E679-04
  • NVN2820
  • VDI 3881
  • GB/T14675-93

Scentroid Odour Academy

Do you want to become an Odour Expert?, here is the right place for you

Join Our Academy

Sign in to our academy and join us , The Scentroid Odour Academy is a specilized facility providing training and research in the field of odour sampling and analysis. Qualified instructors and industry experts provide not only in-depth hands-on training on using Scentroid line of olfactometers but also share general sampling and odour measurement techniques from around the world!

Learn Online

Whether if you are next to us or scattered all over the world in different time zones, you can still tap into the same course materials at a time that’s for you, we offer more than 20 online courses that you can take and become the Professional certified odour specialist, your official odour specialist certification will send to you by mail ofcourse after you pass the exams.

Come to our office

Get real hands-on training on operation and maintenance of our olfactometers and sampling equipment by sign in to any of our 4 workshop season in each year, Operation and maintenance trainings are provided by instrument designers or industry experts to ensure the highest level of expertise.

Scentroid Academy
Scentroid Workshop

We will provide you a full understanding of odour sampling and measurement theory and techniques. Students will gain both in-class and hand on training with a variety of Scentroid products at our state-of-the-art simulation room.

Odour Expert Certification

Every student that successfully completes the odour academy will receive certification indicating their proficiency in using the particular instrument. The certificate will assure the expertise of the student to operate, maintain and troubleshoot the instrument to the highest standards.

Group of Expertise

Worldwide leader of sensory technology, Dr Ardevan Bakhtari with group of specialist and expertise staff provide you all knowledge and material which you need to become a certificate odour expert.


Nothing make us happier than hearing how happy we make you

A few words from our client
  • Odour specialist – Environmental Regulator, Australia; I
    had the opportunity to exchange with them on several key issues in the world of “odours” and I found a very high level of professionalism, dynamism and openness in every topic from sampling, measurement, instrumentation and regulation
  • Environmental consultant,Italy;  I bought Scentroid SS600 for my lab in Italy it has huge positive impact on my business. I just want to say thanks and strongly recommend your SS600 to all olfactometry lab
  • Odour Specialist, Ministry of Environment Canada;  Scentroid Odour Academy courses are informative, comprehensive and right to the point. They are well organized with most up-to date scientific and regulatory content. I enjoyed the presentation and had all my questions answered.

Our Team

We gather highly engaged professional specialist and expertise together to become future of sensory technology.

Ardevan Bakhtari

Ardevan Bakhtari











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Our Approach

Future of sensory technology
  • At Scentroid, we believe in innovation and close partnership with our clients as the only path to success.
    We have worked hard to bring the latest technological advancement from across different industries such as nuclear and medical to the Environmental industry.
    The future of sensory technology is though cooperation between instrument manufacturers, environmental experts and end-users. To create this synergy we have started the Scentroid Odour Academy where we share information and knowledge on a global scale. Our aim is not to simply tell you how to do your job but rather to share the experiences of hundreds of experts such as yourself so you will pick the best solution that fits your needs.

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