Scentroid Odour Sampling Bags

Scentroid Odour Sampling Bags


SCENTROID -The Highest Technology in Odour Sampling Bags : Scentroid Heated Air purification System

Scentroid provides advanced gas sampling bags to provide the highest holding time and zero contamination. Our dedication to sample preservation and odour measurement accuracy is evident in our newly introduced pure PTFE and 100% stainless steel sample bags. Browse our products for complete description of our line of sampling equipment, odour sampling bags and purging equipment

A Word About Fittings : 

Scentroid sampling bag fittings are designed specifically for air sampling. Scentroid fittings are offered in a choice of materials and styles to fit your application. Stainless steel, polypropylene, and PTFE fittings combine the connector and valve with septum into one easy to use fitting. Compression style fittings made of PTFE coated nylon are used on larger bags where low flow restriction is required.

SCENTROID Gas Sampling Bag Pricing and Delivery: 

Scentroid PTFE Sample Bag 2Scentroid Odour Sampling bags are stocked in a variety of sizes and materials and can be shipped immediately. All Scentroid bags are produced in- house at our Canadian location. This means that we can manufacture custom bags to your specification at no extra charge. In most cases even custom made bags are shipped the same day.


Nalophan: is an inexpensive material used for making disposable gas sampling bags. Nalophan can be purchased pre-made or as a large roll to reduce cost. Nalophan has the shortest holding time for most compounds such as H2S, Ammonia and VOCs.

Tedlar : bags provide a reusable storage medium. Scentroid Tedlar bags are made of 2 mill thick film and purged at 100 ·cusing scentroid’s patented heat/vacuum Purger for ultimate purity.

PTFE: is the only manufacturer offering PTFE air sampling bags. These bags offer a much Higher resistance to contamination andScentroid PTFE Sample Bag have a longer holding time than Tedlar bags. They are also accepted bag material for all standards. PTFE Sampling bags are extremely resistant to contamination and therefore can be easily cleaned and reused. PTFE sample bags are already approved by the Ministry of Environment in Ontario and almost every other jurisdiction around the world.

STAINLESS STEEL: Scentroid is the only manufacturer in the world to offer stainless steel sampling bags. Each stainless steel sampling bag is made of electro polished marine grade (400 series) stainless steel film. Stainless steel sampling bags are ideal for sampling corrosive materials such as high H2S or benzene. The stainless steel is rolled into a thin film that provides it with flexibility while maintaining the 100% sample preservation. Scentroid stainless Steel bags are used commonly instead of Sumo canisters.