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Scentroid Pollutracker TR8+ is a complete air quality mobile laboratory. This instrument allows the user to measure hundreds of chemicals using up to 10 sensors and analyzers including Photo-Ionization Detectors (PID) sensors, Non-dispersive Infrared (NDIR) sensors, Electrochemical and Metal Oxide sensors. Pollutracker includes, Built-in 10″ touchscreen interface, On device data logging and wireless transfer via email, Remote (internet based) firmware update, Built in sampling pump, Simultaneous data analysis of all gases, Built-in rechargeable battery, On-screen Calibration Procedure and External decontamination device.

Detection Threshold

The Pollutracker can measure chemicals such as H2S close to detection threshold at ppb level.

Automated data logging

Pollutracker provides automated continuous chemical, GPS position, Temperature, and Humidity data logging.

Sample bag or ambient testing

Pollutracker can measure chemical composition of ambient air or sample stored in a PTFE, Tedlar or Nalophan bags.

Pollutracker TR8+ Applications

Pollutracker TR8+ Applications

  • Measure ambient H2S, Ammonia, Total VOC, and other chemical concentrations
  • Determine H2S, Ammonia, VOCs, and other chemicals emissions from various types of sources
  • Determine emission trends through 24+ hour data logging
  • Verify sample loss due to transportation 
  • Validate dispersion models through emission measurements 

Pollutracker TR8+ Basics of Operation

Pollutracker TR8+ Basics of Operation

  • Connect to Pollutracker via Bluetooth
  • See chemical readings live
  • Take snapshot readings of H2S, Ammonia, VOCs, another chemical compositions, GPS position, Temperature, and humidity.
  • Activate recording for continuous data logging
  • Export data for reporting and post analysis

Pollutracker TR8+ Capabilities

Pollutracker TR8+ Capabilities

The Scentroid Pollutracker includes a sampling pump with adjustable sampling rate, up to 10 chemical sensors that are specified at the time of ordering, and Scentroid’s Pollutracker Application that can be loaded to any customer supplied Android phone/tablet. For each sample location, Scentroid instantaneously records:

  • The concentration of up to 10 chemical vapours in ppm or ppb depending on sensors ordered (See table below for sensor ID’s detail that can be selected in any combination of two at time of ordering. Note that DR8-P1 and DR8-P2 Total VOCs – PID sensors can be specified at a nominal additional charge at the time of ordering )
  • Measure Temperature and Humidity
  • Record GPS position of each measurement
  • Measure directly from ambient air
  • Can record continuously for remote monitoring via

Pollutracker TR8+ Technical Specification

Manufacturer Scentroid
Model Pollutracker TR8+
Measurement range Range depends on sensors selected as shown below.
Warm up time 5 minute to 6 hours, depends on sensors
Settling time 0.5 seconds – 8 seconds depends on sensors
Pressure range 80 -120 kPa
Additional parameters measured Temperature, Relative Humidity
Battery Life 6 hours Continues working / 15 hours Stand by ( continuous monitoring with power supply )
Temperature range -30 to 50 degrees C
Weight 6.8 Kg
Humidity range 15-90 % rh

Available Sensors

Pollutracker can be equipped with any 10 of following sensors
Sensor ID Formula Chemical Maximum Detection Limit  Lowest Detection Threshold Resolution (ppm)
CD1 CO2 Carbon Dioxide – High Concentration 5% 20 ppm 100
CD2 CO2 Carbon Dioxide – Low Concentration 2000 ppm 1 ppm 0.6 ppm
CM1 CO Carbon Monoxide (Low Concentration) 100 ppm 0.03 ppm 0.01 ppm
CM3 CO Carbon Monoxide (Medium Concentration) 1000 ppm 1 ppm 1 ppm
CM2 CO Carbon Monoxide (high concentration) 10000 ppm 30 ppm 3 ppm
CL2 CL2 Chlorine (High Concentration) 2000 1 ppm 1 ppm
CL1 Cl2 Chlorine (Low Concentration) 10 ppm 0.05 ppm 0.01 ppm
H1 H2 Hydrogen 10000 ppm 100 ppm 10 ppm
HCL1 HCl Hydrogen Chloride 20 ppm 0.5 ppm 0.2 ppm
HCY1 HCN Hydrogen Cyanide 50 ppm 0.1 ppm 0.1 ppm
PH1 PH3 Phosphine (low Concentration) 5 ppm 50 ppb 30 ppb
PH2 PH3 Phosphine (high Concentration) 2000 ppm 5 ppm 2 ppm
HS1 H2S Hydrogen Sulfide (low Concentration – ppb) 3 ppm 7 ppb 1 ppb
HS2 H2S Hydrogen Sulfide (high Concentration – ppm) 2000 ppm 15 ppm 2 ppm
HS3 H2S Hydrogen Sulfide (medium Concentration – ppm) 200 ppm 2 ppm 0.2 ppm
E2 C2H6O, H2,
Organic solvents (Ethanol, Iso-Butane, H2) 500 ppm 25 ppm 1 ppm
MT1 CH4 Methane (LEL) 20,000 ppm 10 ppm 10 ppm
NC1 NO Nitric Oxide (Low Concentration) 1 ppm 0.01 ppm 0.001 ppm
NC2 NO Nitric Oxide (Medium Concentration) 25 ppm 0.2 ppm 0.1 ppm
NC3 NO Nitric Oxide (High Concentration) 5000 ppm 2 ppm 2 ppm
ND1 NO2 Nitrogen Dioxide (Low Concentration) 1 ppm 0.01 0.001 ppm
ND2 NO2 Nitrogen Dioxide (Med Concentration) 20 ppm 0.1 ppm 0.1 ppm
ND3 NO2 Nitrogen Dioxide (high Concentration) 1000 ppm 2 ppm 1 ppm
NS1 N2O Nitrous Oxide 10,000 ppm 100 ppm 1 ppm
O2 O2 Oxygen (high Concentration) 250,000 ppm 5000 ppm 200 ppm
PD3 VOCs Total VOCs 10.0 eV 100 ppm 5 ppb 5 ppb%
PD1 VOCs Total VOCs (Low Concentration) – PID 10.7 eV 50 ppm ( isobutylene ) 1 ppb 1 ppb
PD2 VOCs Total VOCs (High Concentration) – PID 10.7 eV 300 ppm ( isobutylene ) 1 ppm 50 ppb
SD1 SO2 Sulfur Dioxide (high Concentration) 2000 ppm 2 ppm 1 ppm
SD2 SO2 Sulfur Dioxide (low Concentration) 1 ppm 0.01 ppm 0.001 ppm
SD3 SO2 Sulfur Dioxide (medium Concentration) 100 ppm 0.4 ppm 0.2 ppm
FM1 CH2O Formaldehyde 5 ppm 10 ppb 10 ppb
PM 2.5-10 PM Particulate PM 2.5, 10 (simultanous) 1000 µg/m3 1 µg/m3 1 µg/m3
TS1 TSP TSP – PM Required 20000 µg/m3 1 µg/m3 1 µg/m3
NMH NMHC Non-methane Hydrocarbon 25 ppm 0.1 ppm 0.1 ppm
MS2 TRS TRS and Amines 10 ppm 10 ppb 2 ppb
MS3 NH3-C2H6O- C7H8 Air Contaminants (Ammonia, Ethanol, Toulene) 30 ppm 1 ppm 4 ppb
AM2 NH3 Ammonia (High concentration) 100 ppm 3 ppm 1 ppm
AM1 NH3 Ammonia (Low Concentration) 10 ppm 0.005 ppm 0.001 ppm
OZ1 O3 Ozone (low Concentration) 0.5 ppm 1 ppb 1 ppb
OZ2 O3 Ozone (High Concentration) 5 ppm 20 ppb 20 ppb
RD1 α-, β-, γ, X Radiation Monitor ( α-, β-, γ- and x- radiation ) 1000 μSv / h 0.01 μSv / h 0.01 μSv / h
CIO21 CIO2 Chlorine Dioxide 50 ppm 0.01 ppm 0.05 ppm

A Flexible and Cost Effective Solution

A Flexible and Cost Effective Solution

The Scentroid Pollutracker Plus builds on the established Odotracker by providing extended number of sensors. This instrument can measure all common contaminants including: SO2, CO, CO2, H2S, Methane, VOCs, Ethelene, PM2.5, PM10, and more ( check the sensor list above ) . The chemicals and the range are selectable at the time of ordering.

Pollutracker TR8+ Instruction Videos

Scentroid Pollutracker TR8+ Instruction Video on site

Pollutracker TR8+ with PM Sensor for Indoor Air Quality



Can I custom order with different sensors?

Absolutely. We can install sensors to monitor CO, Methane, and many other chemicals. For a complete list of sensors please contact us.

Will the sensors be affected by temperature?

There is temperature compensation circuitry and software built into Pollutracker for compensation up to 50C.

How long will the sensors last?

Sensors will last 2 years.


What our clients says about Odotracker

I use the Pollutracker in chemical plant to determine emission points and monitor air pollution and green house gases. It is extremely sensitive and reacts quickly to gases.

Air quality specialist Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

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