Scentroid Odour Map is a valuable addition to the SM100 in-field olfactometer. This application automates the process of odour sampling, measurement, and evaluation. Save time and eliminate chances of error by instantaneously record and organize GPS position, time, wind speed, distance to source emission and more, for each sample.

Automated Data Acquisition

Odour Map collects all necessary information for field odour survey including GPS position, wind speed, wind direction, emission, and distance to sources.

Generate Reports

The Odour Map applications provides instant and easy to use reports saving you time and effort in converting your field notes.

Data Reliability and Security

All field notes and data collected via Odour Map will be logged and can be backed up for 100% data reliability and security.

Odour Map Features

Odour Map Features

  • Automated calculation of distance and bearing to all sources
  • Logging of wind speed and wind direction
  • Automated conversion from SM100 reading to OU/m3
  • Multi-user support
  • Multi-instrument support
  • Cloud backup and restore functions
  • Storage of field notes and descriptions
  • Live map view of all sources and sampling points
  • Compatible with any Android operating system

Odour Map Basics of Operation

Odour Map Basics of Operation

  • Enter position of all sources or pre-planned sampling points
  • Application will guide you to the next location to be sampled
  • Take a measurement and enter the reading
  • GPS position, time and wind conditions will be collected automatically
  • Enter field notes and other information required
  • Sent data and generate report directly from the app

Odour Map Capabilities

Odour Map Capabilities

For each sample location, Scentroid instantaneously records:
  • Sample time and date
  • Exact GPS position
  • Wind direction
  • Wind speed
  • Bearing/Distance to multiple source emissions
  • Odour Intensity in OU based on SM100 reading
  • Odour description
  • Descriptive notes entered by the user

Automated Reporting

Automated Reporting

Scentroid Odour Map collects and stores all data for each site compiling an instantaneous report. Emission sources and sample locations can be instantaneously mapped to a Google satellite view.

Organized Sampling

Organized Sampling

The Odour Map software directs the user on the distance and bearing to all recorded emission sources. Using recorded wind speed and direction the technician can select ideal sampling locations for effective odour measurement.

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Is it possible to enter intensity readings?

Yes. Field notes such as intensity reading can be entered into the system.

I don’t have an android device. Do you provide a package?

Yes the Odour Map kit comes with an 8″ Samsung Tablet reloaded with Odour Map app and other useful applications. The tablet has been tested to be 100% compatible with Odour Map application. The kit also includes waterproof carrying case and compatible Anemometer.

Do I need a special device to run Odour Map?

Odour Map runs on any android device with GPS capabilities.

Can Odour Map be used when there is no network connection?

Yes. All functions work perfectly off line and Odour Map will sync data when you reconnect.


What our clients says about Scentroid Odour Map

Simple to use and intuitive. It is much better than taking paper notes and then having to type it all in. Automatically importing sampling points and data to google earth saves lots of time for reporting.

Field TechnicianAMEC

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