Why create a new Odour Regulation?

The main objective of any odour regulation is to help facilities deal with odour nuisance. It will promote self-monitoring and impact awareness,  it shows what operation conditions causes the odour nuisance.

Odour regulation will help protect the industry from over sensitive residents, provide concrete mitigation goals and reduce inconsistencies in reporting and compliance.

Developing a New Odour Regulation

Developing a New Odour Regulation

  • Ministry of Environment must develop the knowledge, information, and equipment to establish and enforce new odour regulations.

  • These regulations must be tailored for the unique challenges of each country with special consideration to its diverse industries, geography, weather, and population.
  • The regulation should not simply be a copy of a European or American regulation but be more progressive and developed to remedy the shortcomings of those used in other countries.

Developing a New Odour Regulation

Create a new odour regulation that would fix the following issues:

  • Over reliance on court system
  • Over reliance on 3rd party assessors
  • Deal with the subjectivity of odour
  • Deal with over sensitive residence
  • Ensure a fair chance for the facility to comply before penalties are enforced.

Step by Step Program

Scentroid's step by step program

1.Training: Global odour regulations, measurement, reporting and mitigation

2.Bench Mark Study: A scientific study of:

  • the current industrial activities in the region and their odour impact
  • unique challenges of the country in odour regulation implementation
  • the economic impact of odour regulation on the established industries.

3.Reference Laboratory: Establish a state-of-the-art odour laboratory and research center.

  • laboratory will provide the basis of the odour regulation allowing industries and consultants to conduct baseline measurements and assess odour impact.
  • This will also provide a bases for inter-laboratory testing of all future commercial laboratories.

3.Establish Regulation: Develop the ideal odour law based on scientific research

  • A smooth implementation strategy with minimal impact on the industry .
  • Ideal odour impact targets with emphasis for synergy and communication between industry and residents.
  • Progressive ideas that will help protect the residents AND the industry.