The Scentroid SP20 Heated Air Purger is a revolutionary device designed to provide an effective and reliable cleaning solutions for olfactometers, sample bags, PTFE lines, and other equipment which may be contaminated with odours.

Rapid Decontamination

The SP20 heated air purger uses both hot air and high vacuum to quickly and effectively decontaminate all sampling equipment including PTFE tubes, sample bags, and probes.

Adjustable Purge Temperature

The SP20 provides heated air at exactly the temperature required. For example, PTFE sample bags should be purged at 150C while Tedlar at 100C and Stainless steel at 200C.

Fully Automated Operation

SP20 provides complete automated operation by supplying heated air and then switching to vacuum mode on a predefined cycle frequency.

Heated Air Purger Applications

Heated Air Purger Applications

  • The SP20 provides hot air at up to 200 degrees Celsius (400 degrees Fahrenheit) to effectively clean stainless steel lines of any of our olfactometers. It can be connected directly to the sample line or to the compressed air line.
  • The hot air from the unit can also be used to regenerate carbon filters and silica gels in the odour/humidity filter built into the SM100, SC300, or the SS600.
  • The SP20 provides a unique function of cycling between injecting hot air and vacuuming to speed up purging of Tedlar and other reusable bags.

Heated Air Purger Basics of Operation

Mode 1: Continuous Hot Air Purging

This Mode is used to clean sample lines, PTFE tubes and to regenerate Carbon and Silica Gels Filters
  • Air Temperature is set on the unit by the operator.
  • The unit provides continuous hot air at the specified temperature as monitored by a built in thermocouple.

Mode 2: Cyclic Purging (Sample Bag purging)

This Mode is used to quickly clean reusable sample bags
  • Operator sets temperature and pressure as well as the cycle time in Seconds (1-30 Sec)
  • The unit injects hot air for the duration of the cycle filling the sample bag.
  • At the end of the injection cycle the unit switches to vacuum and completely draws the air from the same sample bag.
  • The cycle is continuously repeated creating a lung effect.

Heated Air Purger Capabilities

Heated Air Purger Capabilities

  • Adjusted purge temperature to 200C
  • High vacuum up to -0.95 Atm
  • Cycle time setting for 1L to 50 L sample bags
  • Continuous temperature monitoring
  • Built-in carbon filter on inlet and exhaust ports
  • Quiet operation

Benefits of Cyclic Purging

SP20 In Cyclic Mode - Flow Rate Vs Time

Benefits of Cyclic Purging

Cyclic Purging significantly reduces the required purging time as the vacuum of the sample bags forcibly pulls odour causing molecules from the surface of the bag. Typical sample bag purging time of 1 hour using conventional hot air can be reduced to approximately 7 minutes using cyclic purging.

Heated Air Purger Instruction Videos

Scentroid Air Purification System



How long does it take to clean a PTFE Bag?

Depending on the sample that was stored, it can take from 30 seconds to 3 minutes per bag. Tedlar may take a bit longer as the material bonds more strongly to the chemicals stored inside.

Can I precondition nalophan bags?

Yes absolutely. Nalophan can’t be heated but using cyclic flush/vacuum process can be used for efficient preconditioning. Alternatively bags should be turned inside out and left in an odour free room with good air circulation for 24-48 hours.

Can I condition virgin Tedlar bags?

Yes. This is actually the fastest way to condition new Tedlar bags that may have a strong background odour. Usually 3- 5 minutes at 100C will be enough to condition a Tedlar bag. This is considerably less than the 24 or 48 hours most laboratories spent using traditional purging techniques.

Will the room be contaminated from the cleaning process?

No. The SP20 heated air purger has filtration on the exhaust air to prevent releasing contaminants to the ambient air. A separate exhaust port is also provided that can be used to pipe the air out of the room or into a hood.


What our clients says about Heated Air Purger

Your purger has been working very well for the last couple of years. Our PTFE bags now last for at least 10 samples. It has been great saving for our field division on sample bags.

ChemistAir Quality Laboratory, Canada

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