The term ‘panelist’ is used in the E679-04 and is a selected individual that participates in performing odour measurements in a group with other selected individuals.

Certain criteria must be met in order to perform odour measurements.  For instances, the EN13725 essentially outlines the following criteria:

  • Have a detection threshold of n-butanol between 20ppb to 80ppb
  • requires the assessor to be at least 16 years of age
  • must be motivated and diligent to carry out duties
  • available for the complete measurement session
  • participated sufficiently to build a history of measurements
  • may not eat, drink (except water), smoke 30 min before the measurement
  • not create interference from personal hygiene or perfume products
  • refrain from participating in measurements if the assessors perception of odour is diminished (i.e. cold, allergies, etc.)
  • assessors will remain in the odour room for 15min prior to beginning measurement to adapt to room
  • Panel members shall not communicate or influence one another

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