TOMS offers a complete, integrated suite for odour management. The system provides a perfect integration of real-time odour impact estimation with management of odour complaints from neighboring residents. The simple to use software uses field-olfactometry and live weather data to produce real time odour plumes showing you exactly the location and amount of your odour emission. Complaints are automatically logged and compared to odour emissions for fast and efficient validation.

Real time odour emission monitoring
Total Odour Management System uses AERMOD dispersion modeling, current weather data, and odour concentration measurements from an SM100 field olfactometer to provide you with real-time graphical representation of the odour impact. The modeling software can be used to estimate emissions from a stack or area sources making it extremely easy to implement for any plant no matter how big.  

Automated Complaint Verification

Every complaint is verified using live dispersion models, sensory data, and meteorological conditions

Complete Odour Management

TOMS provides an easy channel to communicate with affected residences to reduce complaint frequencies.

Odour Impact Forecasting

Use TOMS to check automatically when odour causing activity can be performed with minimal impact on neighboring residents.

TOMS Application

TOMS Aplication

Total Odour Management System
  • Automatically validate complaints
  • Real-time view of odour plume
  • Compatible with chemical sensors and GC based field analyzers for continuous monitoring
  • Automated report generation
  • Uses USEPA approved AERMOD modeling
  • Can be used to monitor individual compounds or total odour impact
  • Cloud based solution with 100% data reliability
  • 2 way communication to residents and enforcement agency

TOMS Basics of Operation

TOMS Basics of Operation

  • Complete odour impact assessment is used to create the model based on source emissions, position, height, etc. 
  • Local or public meteorological stations are used to get updated wind speed, wind direction, temperature, and other related parameters
  • SM100, Chemical sensors, an/or GC field analyzers are used to collect ambient odour levels
  • Model is continuously updated based on a sophisticated fuzzy logic control algorithm to reflect the measured ambient levels
  • Each time a complaint is registered the model is analyzed for time of complaint to provide validation
  • Forecasted weather conditions are used to predict when the odour plume will have minimal impact on neighbouring residents

TOMS Capabilities

TOMS Capabilities

  • Collect complaints via phone, web, or social media
  • Wireless connectivity to on-site met station
  • Use of SM100, chemical sensors, and/or GC analyzers
  • Connection to plant log for event based odour impact assessment
  • Continuously monitor the actual odour impact of the plant
  • Validate complaints and distinguish from those caused by neighboring sources
  • Generate reports for internal and external auditors
  • Use forecasting to conduct high odour impact events when conditions are favorable

Automated Complaints Management

Automated Complaints Management

Total Odour Management System will reduce complaints to the regulators by having them channeled through TOMs automated complaint management system. Complaints are registered on-line and compared to the odour impact at the location and time. Plant data including scheduled maintenances and unforeseen events are also mapped automatically against the complaint.

Seamless integration with SM100

Seamless integration with SM100

The Scentroid field odour measurement (SM100) can be used in two ways to input data into the model:
1. Stack emissions can be directly measured using the laboratory function of the SM100.
2. Ambient odour assessment data from the SM100 is used to back calculate emissions from all area sources and fugitive sources.


Scentroid SM100 is the world’s first field olfactometer


Can I use TOMS to monitor H2S and Odour Units?

Yes. Odour concentration, H2S, or any other parameter or chemical element being measured can be shown, logged and used in the dispersion model.

How many sensors/analyzers are needed per site?

This depends on the site being analyzed but usually from 1 to maximum of 4 analyzers are sufficient.

Where should the sensors be placed?

After the site assessment conducted by Scentroid’s team, the ideal sensor locations are calculated based on local met conditions, terrain, existing buildings and other parameters.

After the site assessment is conducted by Scentroid’s team, the ideal sensor locations are calculated based on local meteorological conditions, terrain, existing buildings and other parameters.

Why use GC analyzers instead of Electronic noses?

GC analyzers provide reliable readings with no cross sensitivity to ppb or even ppt detection levels. GC analyzers also have zero drift and are not affected by temperature or other environmental parameters.

Who will do the site assessment?

Scentroid’s team of odour experts will conduct a full odour impact assessment including source testing, chemical analysis, olfactometric testing and modeling. A comprehensive report is included with the TOMS installation package.


What our clients says about TOMS

We have discovered much about our plant’s odour impact and the chemicals involved. Our odour control strategy has been greatly affected by this data. It’s good to know exactly what is going on and how our emissions are affecting those around us.

Environmental SupervisorWWTP, UAE

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