Scentroid Flux Chamber – SF450

Scentroid Flux Chamber – SF450


The Scentroid Flux chamber (AKA Emission Isolation Flux Hood) is used to determine levels of emissions from solid or liquid surfaces. The SF450 has a 100% solid stainless steel construction to ensure zero cross contamination. Flotation is achieved using 4 stainless steel floats eliminating the need for rubber tubes or foam making the unit easy to clean and maintain.

The Flux Chamber is set up to enclose a surface area of 240 Sq Inches or 0.155 Sq meters in accordance to the EPA Recommendations. Odourless air (sweep air) is introduced to the chamber at a known flow rate (Recommended 3.875 LPM) to mix with the emissions. Sample is then drawn from the flux chamber at lower rate using a sampling device such the SB10 Vacuum Sample box.


• Designed for both solid and liquid surface sample collection.

• 100% Stainless steel construction.

• Stainless steel floats (no foam or rubber tubes needed for liquid surface sampling).

• Stainless steel fitting for sweep air (clean air), sample air, Relief flow, and temperature probe .

• Extra fitting for thermocouple probe (sold separably).

• Stainless steel chain and hoist ring.

• 450 mm (17″) diameter with enclosed surface area of 0.155 sq meters (240 sq inches).

• Recommended Sweep air of 3.875 LPM.

• Standard fittings designed for 1/4″ or 12 mm OD PTFE tubing for sweep and sample air (custom size fitting available)