Scentroid Infield Olfactometer – SM100

Scentroid Infield Olfactometer – SM100

Ultra-Portable Field Olfactometer

Scentroid SM100 is the world’s first field olfactometer. This in-field odour measurement apparatus allows users to accurately quantify ambient odour strength.
This revolutionary odour measurement device (Patent Pending) offers an easy-to-use and cost effective alternative to guessing at odour strength or using expensive odour measuring laboratories.


  • Conduct daily odour emissions monitoring of industrial operation
  • Determine odour source contributions
  • Evaluate odour emission impact on neighbouring residents
  • Determine odour mitigation effectiveness over time
  • Monitor emission compliance
  • Verify lab results and dispersion model predictions
  • Conduct Panelist Screening

Basics of Operation

  1. The SM100 field odour measurement draws a sample of ambient air via venture vacuum pump and dilutes it using fresh odourless air from a high pressure compressed air tank.
  2. Operator uses an adjustable sliding valve to control the ratio of fresh to ambient air.
  3. The mixed air is sent to through a flexible hose to a disposable face mask.
  4. Operator slowly increases concentration of the mix until the odour of ambient air is detected.
  5. A scale on the sliding valve shows the Dilution to Threshold ratio or odour intensit