Scentroid Total Odour Management System

Scentroid Total Odour Management System


TOMS offers a complete, integrated suite for Odour management. The system provides a perfect integration of real-time odour impact estimation with management of odour complaints from neighboring residents. The simple to use software uses field-olfactometery and live weather data to produce real time odour plumes showing you exactly the location and amount of your odour emission. Complaints are automatically logged and compared to odour emissions for fast and efficient validation.

total odour management system

Real time odour emission monitoring
Total Odour Management System uses AERMOD dispersion modeling, current weather data, and odour concentration measurements from SM100 field olfactometer to provide you with real-time graphical representation of the odour impact. The model can be used to estimate emissions from stack or area sources making it extremely easy to implement for any plant no matter how big.  


Automated Complaints management

Total Odour Management System will reduce complaints to the regulators by having them channeled through TOMs automated complaint management system. Complaints are registered on-line and compared to the odour impact at the location and time. Plant data including scheduled maintenances and unforeseen events are also mapped automatically against the complaint.

Odour complaint management

Seamless integration with SM100

The Scentroid field odour measurement (SM100) can be used in two ways to input data into the model:
1. Stack emissions can be directly measured using the laboratory function of the SM100.
2. Ambient odour assessment data from the SM100 is used to back calculate emissions from all area sources and fugitive sources.