Air & Odour Sampling equipment used throughout the odour measurement process (from obtaining sample to analysis) require an absent or minimized inference with the odorant gas.

DR300 Sampling Drone

Ultra-Portable personal olfactometer

Refineries, petrochemical plants, and many other processes have emissions that are difficult to sample using traditional methods.

One of the Scentroid’s air and odour sampling equipment is The sampling drone which opens a whole new dimension in air sampling by allowing the operator to take direct samples from odour plumes and other sources that are difficult and /or dangerous without exposure to physical or chemical hazards.
Taking samples at various heights upwind and downwind of the plant allows for accurate measurement of all emissions generated by the plant without the need for source sampling..

DS5 Stack Diluting Sampler

Stack sampler is air and odour sampling equipment which is an easy to use device that provides accurate pre-dilution of high temperature gas emissions with nitrogen or zero-air to minimize condensation inside the sample bag. Dilution is achieved inside the heated probe and can be controlled from 1:1 to 1:1300 in 12 steps.

Static Hood Sampler

The Scentroid Static Hood sampler provides an easy to use and contaminate-free solution for taking air samples from bio-filter beds and other surfaces that have a positive air flow. The all stainless steel construction of this air and odour sampling equipment ensures easy decontamination. The stack disassembles for ease of transportation.

SW60 Wind Tunnel Sampler

The Scentroid SW60 is the next generation Wind Tunnel Sampler (AKA Ventilated Sampling Hood). This air and odour sampling equipment used for sampling on solid or liquid surfaces with passive odour emissions in accordance with the EN13725 and VDI3880. The SW60 Wind Tunnel Sampler offers a number of unique features that make it the most accurate and user friendly area source sampler in the world.

SF450 Flux chamber

The Scentroid Flux chamber (AKA Emission Isolation Flux Hood) is used to determine levels of emissions from solid or liquid surfaces. The SF450 is an air and odour sampling equipment which has a 100% solid stainless steel construction to ensure zero cross contamination. Flotation is achieved using 4 stainless steel floats eliminating the need for rubber tubes or foam making the unit easy to clean and maintain.

SB10 Vacuum Chambers

The Scentroid Vacuum Chambers are easy to use, portable, and cost-effective air sample collection devices. Vacuum chambers are used to pull samples directly without dilution from stack, ambient air, or other air and odour sampling equipment such as flux chamber or wind tunnel. The Scentroid vacuum chambers come in multiple sizes to fit bags of up to 10L, 25L, and even 50L.

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