The Scentroid SK5 Sensitivity Kit is designed to provide accurate N-butanol mixtures of 5 to 50 ppm from a liquid N-butanol source. The N-butanol mixture can then be used to screen panelists using the Scentroid SM100 or any other Scentroid olfactometer in accordance to the EN13725 standard. The mixture is accurate and repeatable thanks to the fixed volume evaporation chamber, micro-liter syringe, and pre-purged Tedlar bag.


The N-butanol sensitivity kit provides an excellent alternative to pressurized reference gas cylinders, especially for air travel.

Multiple Concentrations

The N-butanol kit can be used to create any concentration from 4 to 40 ppm. Variations in concentration allows the lab to better test their equipment and the panelists.

Cost Effective Solution

The N-butanol kit provides an easy to use and cost effective solution to test panelist sensitivity in accordance to all international standards including EN13725.

N-Butanol Applications

N-Butanol Applications

  • Certify laboratory panelists
  • Find local panelists for a mobile laboratory
  • Check sensitivity of field inspectors
  • Check sensitivity of affected residents
  • Demonstrate odour concentration

N-Butanol Basics of Operation

N-Butanol Basics of Operation

  • Draw the required amount of liquid N-butanol according to the calibration chart
  • Inject the N-butanol into the evaporation chamber
  • Fill the evaporation chamber with odourless air from the SM100.
  • Close the valve and wait for 15 minutes.
  • Fill the 1L Tedlar bag.

N-Butanol Kit Content

The SK5 N-butanol kit includes:

  • Micro-syringe
  • PTFE sample bag
  • Stainless steel evaporation chamber
  • 1/4 Fitting
  • PTFE tube
  • Hard carrying case

Calibration Chart

N-Butanol Regulations

N-Butanol Regulations

Every odour regulation requires the screening of the panelists using diluted N-butanol samples. Until now, the only available source of a diluted N-butanol sample was to purchase pre-mixed pressurized cylinders. The cylinders were cumbersome to transport, required a special permit and storage facility, and would only be accurate in dilution if shaken or rolled just before use.

N-Butanol Advantage

N-Butanol Advantage

The Scentroid SK5 Sensitivity kit provides an easy and reliable solution for creating exact N-butanol samples that can be used for panelist screening. Liquid N-butanol is mixed with clean odorless air at a fixed ratio using a glass micro-syringe and a stainless steel evaporation chamber.

The N-butanol kit is Easy to transport and store, does not have expiration issues, and allows variable concentration.

N-Butanol Instruction Videos

SCENTROID N-Butanol Sensitivity Kit




What is the volume of mixture created?

Each batch of N-butanol mixture created in the evaporation chamber is 5 liters.

Can I order a kit with larger evaporation chamber?

The SK8 provides an 8 liter evaporation chamber to be used with olfactometers requiring more samples.

How long can the mixture be stored before use?

The mixture, once created, can be kept for up to 30 days inside the evaporation chamber. Once in the sample bag, it is recommended to be stored for maximum of 24 hours.

Should the evaporation chamber be cleaned between uses?

As long as only N-butanol is used in the evaporation chamber, a simple flushing with air or nitrogen is enough to clean the chamber.


What our clients says about N-butanol

We use our SC300 mobile olfactometer for on-site assessment and the SK5 N-butanol kit provides the reference gas we need to test our panelists. Premixed cylinders are not always available here. This kit really helped make olfactometry possible for us.

Odour LaboratoryCali, Colombia

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