Sensory Evaluation

Sentroid Research Center provides a comprehensive set of sensory analysis to help you develop and maintain optimally perceived products. Using trained panelists and state-of-the-art olfactometeric instruments we determine the exact odour concentration, perceived pleasantness (hedonic tone), and even measure changes in these attributes over time.
Our unique position as both instrument manufacturer as well as research center allows us to develop sophisticated yet low cost custom testing equipment and simulated environments.

Our services include:

  • Dynamic olfactometry including hedonic tone and odour intensity testing,
  • Field testing (in-use or during manufacturing process)
  • Headspace odour testing using stationary and portable olfactometery
  • Aromatic profile mapping
  • Reaction testing (assessing odour emissions from product exposure to different chemicals)

Textiles Industry

Food Industry

Automotive Industry

Deodorant Industry

Detergents Industry

Plastics Industry

Fragrances Industry

Building Products

Purifiers, Filters Industry

Consumer Products

Health Cares Industry

Tobacco Industries

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24 Months Warranty

We are so confident of the reliability of our products that we are glad to offer our clients comprehensive 24 month full warranty.

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