Starting an Olfactometric Laboratory

  • Supply of the ideal olfactometer
  • Specifying and supplying air supply units
  • Design of the laboratory
  • Design of the HVAC system
  • Supply of the Laboratory Information Management System
  • On-Site Training and Certification
  • Calibration Services
  • Assistance in obtaining ISO certification


Scentroid accessories for laboratories include:

  • PTFE Sample bag
  • Nalophan Sample bag
  • Tedlar Sample bag
  • Stainless Steel Sample bag
  • Nalophan Roll 3ft
  • PTFE Tube

Management Software

LIMS (Laboratory Information Management System)

Scentroid Odour Lab Management System

  • In-field Sample Information Acquisition
  • Bar-code tracking
  • Full integration with all Scentroid Olfactometers
  • Panelist certification and performance tracking
  • Automated report generation for clients
  • Laboratory performance reports
  • Streamlines ISO certification

Synthetic Odour Collection

Synthetic odour collection provides laboratories and research institution to create any odour sample:

By Odour Characteristic: Burnt Rubber, Diesel, Pine, Rose, Smoke, Tobacco, Lemon, Manure, Garbage, Sweat, blood, rotten egg, etc.

Pure Compound: m-Styrene, Skatole, Ammonia, Hydrogen Sulfide, Euoclyptol, Heptanal, Hexane, etc.

Calibration Service

Scentroid Calibration Service

  • Annual re-calibration in accordance to EN13725
  • Calibration based on reference gas and gas collection
  • For field (Sm100) and laboratory olfactometers (SC300, SS400, SS600)
  • Calibration of sampling equipment including Scentroid stack diluting sampler
  • Global on-site calibration service

Warranty and Services

24 Months Warranty

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