Difficult project related to odour assessment, mitigation, or regulation?

Scentroid’s team of experts can provide you with knowledge and equipment to ensure your success.

If you are an environmental specialist looking to expand into the odour nuisance market Scentroid can provide you with the partnership to strengthen your proposals and provide the manpower, technical expertise and instruments to carry out the work.  Scentroid’s global experts are ready to help.

Who We Are ?

Scentroid's global team of experts includes:

Our team of global experts includes:

  • Certified Odour experts with more than 20 years of experience
  • Industrial toxicologist
  • Air Dispersion Modelers
  • Certified Field technicians
  • Odour Abatement specialists
  • Environmental lawyers

Scentroid Expert to Expert Can Help You In :

Few examples of what we help you in :

  • Odour Impact Assessment
  • Dispersion modeling
  • Field Sampling
  • Chemical analysis and monitoring
  • Olfactometric analysis
  • Mitigation plan